• We want you to feel confident that all your beauty needs will be taken care of. With nearly 10 years of experience and always ongoing education, know that you are in great hands.
  • By only taking one wedding per day, you can rest easy with the confidence that we'll be exclusively yours and not rush through anything on your special day.
  • We tailor your entire beauty timeline based off your wedding day schedule. You can feel confident knowing that everything is on time without any need to rush or stress for time.
  • We come prepared! From seating and lighting to extensive products for any skin shade or hair type, have the confidence all your beauty needs are covered. 
  • Most importantly, we want you to feel confident in yourself. Our goal is to help you see your most beautiful self by providing prominent yet natural services so you still feel like you.

With Monahime Beauty:

It's all about the


We'd love to hear from you! Fill out our contact form and we'll respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Be sure to check your spam folder or reach out directly at monahimebeauty@gmail.com


Once I receive your inquiry, I'll follow up with a link to book a free consultation call. This is when I love to hear all the details, see your dress, your inspo, and learn all about your vision. We'll also go over any questions you have and discuss the investment.


Once we've discussed all the details and you decide you'd like to move forward, I'll send you your itemized invoice, payment schedule, and contract. All you need to do next is sign our contract and pay your $300 deposit.


Once your contract is signed and we receive your deposit, you'll receive an email with a link to schedule your trial. We will also send you our exclusive Bridal Preview Prep Guide so you can make the most of your trial.


After your trial (and during), we encourage you to give us any and all feedback! We want to hear it! This is about you and your day and we want you as happy and as confident as can be. Let's stay in touch and bring your vision to life.


It's your wedding month! Congratulations! 
At this time, we'll reach out to confirm headcount, vendor contact info, and some timeline details to know exactly when you need to be ready. Your beauty timeline will then be sent to you and ready to share with your bridal party with prep instructions.


Your big day is finally here!! We'll arrive early to set up our kit and begin working down the timeline we've created for you and your bridal party. Once it's your turn, we'll review everything we did at your trial as well as any changes we may have discussed. When you're all 
done and ready, we'll stay the extra time to make sure everyone gets any touchups they need and get you all set with you veil!

Wedding Day

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

The beauty is 


—Coco Chanel

Your On-site Bridal preview experience

We'll start by taking a look at all your latest inspiration, your dress, discussing your wedding colors, and all the other important details. I'll take the time to guide you and give you advice based on everything from what best suits you to what compliments your dress. No detail will be missed!


Let's talk inspiration

Now that we've discussed all the important details like the overall tones of your wedding and jewelry, we can get started with makeup! The goal is to enhance your natural beauty but for you to still look and feel like yourself. We'll use our kit full of high end products to provide the perfect look customized to your face and features.


The Makeup experience

We've finished and set your makeup and now it's time to transform your hair into your beautiful bridal style. We'll focus on getting your hair frizz free, polished, and long lasting. This is also the perfect time to see if hair extensions are a good option for you.


The Hair experience

Hair and makeup is done and now it's almost time to see your final look! We come prepared with a wide collection of hair accessories. This gives you the opportunity to see what style and tone you like before committing to a purchase. We also provide a veil for that full bridal preview.


Let's accessorize

We're all done and it's time for your completed preview. Let's take some time to admire how stunning you are! We'll also take photos and videos from every angle for you to share with friends and family and as a record for your big day.

We'll stay in touch after your preview to discuss any changes you may want to make.


Final preview & Photos

And don't worry!

Ready to work together?

Head over and fill out our inquiry form to receive our full Investment Guide and a link to schedule your consultation call.

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